March 12th 2023 Update

The editor is working on Dawn of Chaos, but unfortunately the cover art isn’t done yet, so I don’t have the pre-order up yet. As I’m getting impatient, I’ll likely put up a placeholder cover instead to get things moving, which will happen in the next few days. Mostly it’s a question of when Amazon decides to let the pre-order go up.

This week I’m going to begin work on Talyn: Unyielding, as it’s the next project on my list. I have no idea when it’ll be complete, as there are a couple of things in the coming months that could interfere, but with any luck it’ll go smoothly. We’ll see! I’ll also have artwork for you next week.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week.

Edit: Here’s a link for Dawn of Chaos!

2 thoughts on “March 12th 2023 Update

  1. Pre-order went up this morning. Looking forward to it. Hope you and yours are feeling well, and that chaos won’t introduce itself as a close personal friend (hate when that happens).


  2. Yup, it’s up! I’ll edit the post to add a link.

    As to that, I’m doing okay. I forgot about Daylight Savings Time, which is wreaking havoc on me, but I’m doing what I can.


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