December 4th 2022 Update

Dawn of Chaos is up to about 37,500 words, and I think it’s going to start moving more briskly. Hopefully other people have fun with it, as I’ve been tormenting Evelyn a fair bit. Dresses may be involved.

I’ve also hired someone to go through my books and set up articles for each series in World Anvil, like I did with Lilith’s Shadow. He’s probably going to go through Lilith’s Shadow as well to make sure all of the information is in there, but the project is going to take months at a minimum, considering I have over 3 million words published. I’ll put up links as each world is finished. Hopefully it’ll help if you’re trying to remember details about characters or the setting!

Finally, I commissioned an alternate version of the Djinn’s Gift, and I really like how AlienT depicted the ship! The wyrmgate in the background isn’t accurate, but it looks neat. I hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “December 4th 2022 Update

  1. That ship is pretty. I agree with the rest of her crew, red & black would’ve been fairly menancing.


  2. Exactly. They may be her favorite colors, but not every color scheme is the best for all situations.

    …Though to be fair, when I played space strategy games, my favored color scheme was near-fluorescent green and orange, so I’m not one to talk.

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