November 7th 2021 Update

So! The past week with Soul Bound 2 didn’t go great, but not completely terrible, either. I think at this point what I need to do is just aim for ~500 words a day on it, and work on one of my other projects as well. At least until inspiration strikes me, I think that’s the best approach I can hope for.

In other news, I’ve finally gotten new editions of Ancient Dreams published, ones which match the changes made in the omnibus. This was uploaded to replace kindle versions, so at most you should have to contact Amazon to push the updated version to you. I’ve also gone through, updating and standardizing the dimensions of the paperbacks (including the new covers where applicable) for Ancient Dreams, Lilith’s Shadow, and Through the Fire, as well as publishing hardcover versions of each (at least once they approve them for sale). I should note that Amazon hasn’t rolled out the hardcovers universally yet, it’s a beta program, and like the paperbacks, they aren’t available in all storefronts. Sorry about that part, but there’s nothing I can do about it.

On the other hand, I also have an art piece I’ve been planning for a while to share! Not the highest detail due to the number of characters involved, but here’s artwork of the characters I consider the protagonists of each series published sitting down for an roleplaying game night! The artwork is by Wooserr (word of warning, he has some NSFW art in his gallery), who I think did an excellent job on the whole. From left to right we have Xandra, Evelyn, Joy, Sistina, Kitania, Ruethwyn, Lilith, and Emonael. And yes, there are a lot of pointy ears in the picture. I may like elves to an unhealthy degree.

I hope you like the picture! It should also be available on Redbubble at this point.

6 thoughts on “November 7th 2021 Update

  1. Love the pic! And nothing wrong with having Elves :D Actually, it is nice to have some variety of Elven characters that aren’t just Tolkien elves or “one with Nature” elves in different settings. IMO, they are predominately just longer lived people (or Demons using a elven form ;) .

    Now if Joy & Lilith had pointy ears, then you might need an intervention :D

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  2. I try to vary my elves somewhat, but at a certain point, I think they’re going to get somewhat similar in some ways. I love them, but I do try to mix things up on occasion (Brianna & Stella, plus Jasmine being a half-elf).

    I’m not going to hide it, though. The three species I love the most in fantasy: Angels, elves, succubi.

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  3. Unfortunately, that’s not something that’s easy to do, especially audiobook corrections. Audiobook production costs a lot, and re-recording the original Ancient Dreams trilogy would run… at a guess around $12,000 USD right now, even if I could. I’m currently in the middle of a 7-year contract, so I won’t be able to consider something like that until 2024. I intend to have that done after the contract is up, but it’s not a near-term thing, unfortunately.

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  4. Hey thanks for the reply. I will just have to sit down sometime and read the changes. Love your work, I think you have become one of my favorite authors in the last few years.

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  5. Not a problem! I wish I could sanely get the changes carried over to the audiobooks, honestly… I’d love to have them up to date. Part of why I’m slowly saving up to be able to update them when they come out of contract.

    I’m glad you enjoy the writing, though! I do my best to write enjoyable work!

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