August 15th 2021 Update

Adept of Chaos is currently up to roughly 135,000 words, which makes it my longest non-omnibus novel to-date… and I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be. I’m guesstimating 145,000 words, but I’m not sure. Depends on how much combat is in the next section, really. And the moment I typed that, I was sure it’s going to go over that.

I’m honestly startled at how long this book has turned out. That’s mostly because a section I expected to be smaller was rather long, and I’m not sure it fits perfectly. I may have to adjust things, but this book certainly isn’t quite as action-packed as the first book. I think I have an issue with if there’s a solid plotline, it tends to slow down my books as I work toward the goal, and if I don’t have a solid plotline, it tends to have more Random Stuff happen. Generally speaking.

In any case, I’m hoping to finish the rough draft this coming week! I have surprisingly little faith that’ll happen, but I’m hopeful. I’m going to be incredibly amused if I finish at the same time that the audiobook of Chosen of Chaos comes out. Once I have that done, I’m going to take a brief break before starting on book 2 of Soul Bound. The audio of Queen’s Gambit should be done around or before the 25th, at which point it’s just a question of how long it takes to get the audiobook approved. I’m looking forward to seeing things come out!

4 thoughts on “August 15th 2021 Update

  1. Oddly enough, I’ve just finished re-reading Dusk Gate, so reading the continuation gives me more to look forward to.

    Looking forward to Adept of Chaos, even knowing you’ve probably got at least another month’s work ahead before you start looking at the final copy. I’ll just content myself with re-reading Marin’s Codex and maybe more in that universe.

    Here’s hoping you don’t get too disrupted by any pandemic restrictions being re-imposed. I’ve comments about that, and they aren’t polite (considering my state barely lasted 2 months before having to go back to mask mandates). Stay safe, and try to avoid the stray blaster bolt or demoness bent on revenge, hmm?


  2. I’m definitely looking forward to continuing that storyline! Too many stories bouncing around my head, I swear. I also have artwork of Beacon I’ll be sharing in the near future.

    I doubt I’ll have too many issues with any restrictions, though. I don’t have any friends in the area anymore, no nearby family, and I’m something of a homebody to begin with. I’m going to do everything I can to stay healthy. No promises if Emonael gets her claws on me, though.


  3. Your work is great and we all appreciate the effort that goes into your books!
    That said I look forward to the new book and take all the time you need.


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