July 18th 2021 Update

Adept of Chaos is up to about 82,500 words, which makes me happy. Not quite as far along as I’d hoped, but it’s been a bit of a week for me. I’m enjoying writing the story, though!

I’ve also got a few pieces of art in the works, one of which I’m sharing. I should not that due to it being the succubus Wenris from Ancient Dreams, and her clothing being a bit skimpy, I’m not attaching the art directly, but am instead linking to it. Yes, there are some bits of artistic license, but I like how Solaice depicted her! The link is below, and I hope you like it!


4 thoughts on “July 18th 2021 Update

  1. *succubus* Wenris from Ancient Dreams, and her -clothing being a bit skimpy-

    At least, it’s on brand! 🤣🤣🤣 It is very nice *chefs kiss*. Seriously though, even there’s a decent amount of artistic license, I do like it

    Also yay! Book 2 is coming along. Can’t wait for it to eventually get released


  2. Yup, just a wee bit. And even so, this is less revealing than the clothing she wore when Diane first met her… if you could call that clothing.

    But I agree that it’s on-brand! I didn’t want to make her too different compared to her description. The cage is larger too, so that you can see poor Zenith in it.

    Yeah, I have no idea how long Adept of Chaos is going to actually be. Lots of things still to detail!


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