July 11th 2021 Update

Whoops, I forgot to set up the blog post last night. That’s what happens when I get distracted, I suppose. Anyway, Adept of Chaos is up to ~72,500 words, and going strong. I’m not sure exactly how long it’ll be, but I’ll be shocked if it’s less than 100,000 words. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being my longest book to-date, but a lot depends on how quickly the plot I have left goes.

Beyond that, I’m trying not to push myself too much. I’ve got some art pieces that are in-progress, and am recovering from recent trips to visit family. Getting back into the groove takes me some time, unfortunately. On the other hand, I’ve been learning some interesting tidbits about myself from a recent test, which may help with my writing. Clifton Strengths, if anyone has heard of it… a few aspects of it surprised me. Anyway, that’s it for this week!

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