December 6th 2020 Update

Queen’s Journey is up to just over 110,000 words, and entering the final stages. I think I’ll finish the rough draft this week, but no promises. I won’t know until it’s completed, after all! I also did a test run with another editor which went well, so I should have it out in January, unless disaster strikes. We’ll see how that goes, and I’ll update the release date once everything is scheduled.

I’ve also been doing a fair amount of writing on Broken Chains, I wrote 30,000 words on it in November due to Nanowrimo, and I’ve continued on it this past week. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the story right now, but I’m sharing it one chapter every Friday on My Patreon. Now that I’m going non-exclusive with Audible, I may be giving out copies of my new audiobooks on the upper tiers as well, I’m doing a test run of that this month.

Speaking of audiobooks, let’s give an update on Dusk Gate. Jessica Nahikian is the narrator who I selected to record it, and she finished the audio this past week. After the delay with Hives & Heroism, I’m not planning to wait for Audible to approve it fully. Instead, as soon as Audible confirms that they’re changing it to a non-exclusive contract, I’m going to upload it to a distributor for other sites. Assuming it works they way the test I did this past week, this means that it should be up on most other distributors in 2-4 weeks (, Chirp, Kobo, Nook, and plenty of others). This is from the time I upload it, obviously.

Anyway, that’s the update for this week! I hope everyone is doing well!

6 thoughts on “December 6th 2020 Update

  1. Sorry if I sound really dum but does this mean that dusk gate and if successful all other books going forward will not be on audible?

    Thank you for all the grate stories


  2. Dusk Gate will be on Audible (it just might be up on other stores first). Other titles going forward /might/ be on Audible, it entirely depends on whether they fix the massive issues they’ve created over the last few years or not.


  3. I’m doing pretty well! I’ve locked down really hard, mind you, we only leave the house to get food, but that isn’t a big deal to me. I do some gaming online, and have plenty of writing to do. My parents (and the in-laws) aren’t thrilled that we’re refusing to do holidays with anyone until the pandemic calms down, but we’re not taking any chances we don’t have to.

    I hope you’re doing well!


  4. I em locket to Audible i do not mind y selling some wear else butt pleas continuo wit Audible/Amazon hoping it works. i cant imagined i em alone


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