Hives & Heroism Audiobook Released

Hives & Heroism is released! Finally.

It took Audible a ridiculously long time to get this out, and I’m not waiting on them for the audiobook of Dusk Gate. Anyway, here are the links below! The audiobook will also be coming out on other audiobook providers in coming weeks.

2 thoughts on “Hives & Heroism Audiobook Released

  1. You know, even though it’s mean… I can’t help but wonder how much your efforts to take your works non-exclusive with them bumped this audiobook up the priority chain to resolve the issues with it…

    That said, I think it’s unlikely. Just a case of co-incidental timing to make them look bad.


  2. I seriously doubt it moved things up or down the chain. From what I’ve seen before this, normally it takes 2-7 days for a book to go live after it changes to ‘headed to retail’. In this case, it took… *does math* 19 days. That’s really bad, especially when it used to take them less than that to go through the approval process and get it live. I suspected they might have prioritized me more if I was a big player on Amazon, but I’m pretty small beans in that regard.


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