September 27th 2020 Update

This past week was a little surprising. I not only started Queen’s Journey, but I wrote about 12,500 words on it, which was far more than I expected. It just flowed a lot more easily than I thought it would, which makes me hopeful that once I get going on it primarily, it’ll be easy to finish.

That said, the upcoming week, and possibly part of the next, will be dedicated to editing Dusk Gate. I’ve set up the pre-order on my end, but it’s taking an unusually long time to publish on Amazon, so it may or may not be live by the time this post goes live. I’ve set it to come out on November 2nd, but if the editing goes well, it very well may come out in October.

Another bit of news is that recording for the audiobook of Hives & Heroism has begun, so chances are good that it will come out in November or December. I can’t guarantee anything, though, as disaster could always strike, and last December Audible got so many audiobook submissions that they were set behind by almost three months. I really hope that doesn’t happen, though!

That’s all the information I have to share this week, though. I hope everyone is doing well!

3 thoughts on “September 27th 2020 Update

  1. I am quite excited about Dusk Gate. I know we talked about it some, but I cannot remember anything about that discussion. Other than the character being like Amber, that I do remember.😂


  2. To be more precise, Xandra, the main character, is sarcastic, scathing, and has zero patience for fools. Something about being stuck in one of the hells and a slave for a millennium did that to her. She’s a very odd character.


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