May 3 2020 Update

I have the edited version of Queen of Diamonds back, and I’m now waiting on the cover art! The artist started on it this past week, and I’m expecting the cover art around the end of May, so I’m expecting an early June release there.

Hives & Heroism is coming along nicely, and I just got the cover art back from Domina last week! I find it ironic that I have the art for it done before the cover for Queen of Diamonds, but that’s how it goes, some days! I’m sharing the cover mockup below, and personally I think the piece is stunning, so I hope you like it!

Hives & Heroism Cover

Stay safe, everyone!

8 thoughts on “May 3 2020 Update

  1. You have my deepest condolences on the loss of your companion and friend, but I’m glad to see that things are looking up for you. I’m looking forward to reading about both Joy and Lilith, and you’re right.. that’s a stunning cover.

    Fortune’s blessings to you.


  2. Thank you for your sympathies. The pain isn’t gone, just lessened. I have to keep moving forward, though!

    And yeah, I adore how this one turned out. Hope you stay safe!


  3. Honestly I find her face disturbing. I think the majority of my discomfort is baed around the smile and the LACK of that smile near her eyes. Coupled with the sheer difference of her eyes to what I’m used to


  4. Mm… I don’t think I agree, but fair enough. Part of the reason for the disagreement is that one of the early stages didn’t have any signs of the smile around her mouth or eyes, which I *did* find disturbing, but that was also in the sketch stage. In this one… hm, it looks like the lower resolution practically eliminates the ones around her eyes, which explains a little.

    Not to say your opinion isn’t valid! What one person finds acceptable and another doesn’t is entirely based on the person. My favorite picture of Joy so far is for Sting & Song, but it’s only downside is that she isn’t smiling, in my opinion.


  5. I have no issues with her face or smile as she is a bee person.
    What disturbs me is her elongated neck and that third hand.
    Not sure if that was intentional but the placement of her face seem to high compared to her neck. Either that or the line her neck is just too straight.


  6. Third hand? Oh, you mean the stone vines! I hadn’t looked at it that way until you mentioned, but I suppose you could see it that way.

    As to the neck… maybe? I can’t decide if you’re on to something or not. Hmm. Possibly just the angle of it.


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