May 10th 2020 Update

I made more progress on Hives & Heroism than I did last week, which makes me happier! It’s still not coming along quite as quickly as I might hope, but I’m pretty sure I’ve passed the halfway point in the book. I should be able to finish it in time for my late June editing date, but I’m being cautious at the moment, since I’ve been writing much slower the last month or so.

Beyond that, I’m currently figuring out exactly what my plans for the rest of the year are. My original plan was to write Queen of DiamondsHives & Heroism, then another random book before moving on to the next two books of Lilith’s Shadow, but I may have to shuffle things around a little. Once I make a decision, I’ll let everyone know!

Oh, and speaking of one of the possibilities, I have an art piece for Second Contact that I’ll be sharing next week!

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