April 26th 2020 Update

I didn’t get much done this past week. The loss of Baloo pretty much shut me down for the first half of the week, and Thursday and Friday I only got about a thousand words in on Hives & Heroism. It’s a lot less than I was hoping for, but the immediate shock of what happened has passed, and hopefully I’ll recover in the near future. My adorable kitty wouldn’t have wanted me to wallow in grief.

There really isn’t much more to say about what I’ve been doing over the past week, though. I’ve sent the information to get the cover of Queen of Diamonds painted, so I’m waiting on that, and I’m waiting to get the edited version back as well. The only other thing I’ve been up to is playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and I started an online Pathfinder game (second edition), running an adventure in a country built around a crashed alien starship. That’s a bit of fun, though it’s taking some getting used to online games.

I hope you’re all doing well! Hopefully I’ll have better news for next week.

7 thoughts on “April 26th 2020 Update

  1. What the heck… I tried several times to visit your Amazon Author page, and it wouldn’t let me. The Very Moment I as about it here, Amazon makes me into a liar and lets me go to your Author’s page! Whatever…


  2. I’m honestly not sure what you’re asking. I just checked, and my amazon author page seems to have everything there. Is there something wrong with it that you’re seeing? Sometimes Amazon changes stuff for some users but not others.


  3. Whoops, saw your other post, but not this one. Believe me, Amazon is weird some days. Don’t worry about the question, I was mostly confused as to what you were asking about.


  4. Wow…uh…I’m REALLY sorry for your loss, and even more sorry for using a post like this to ask as stupid question about your Amazon page…geez, talk about insensitive, I guess this shows me up for being in too much of a hurry to actually READ what I was supposedly commenting on!

    Again, I’m sorry and I really hope you’re doing better (Especially after this much time has passed, I really suck, don’t I?)!


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