Webs & Wards Audio Release

Better news than yesterday, the audiobook of Webs & Wards is out at last! As per normal, iTunes is lagging behind, but here are the links to Amazon and Audible!

I’ve also received word from Sarah Goer, the narrator of Born a Queen and Down with the Queen, that she had space open up, so she’ll be able to get to Queen’s Move and Queen of Diamonds earlier than expected. I’m happy to hear that, and hoping that they come out relatively soon.

Anyway, I hope those of you who get the audiobook enjoy it!

10 thoughts on “Webs & Wards Audio Release

  1. I am on soc. sec. disability. As soon as I get my check, I plan to get both books. And by the way, I lost 6 dogs over a 2 year span. All died of old age. I feel your pain. We used to correspond a couple of years ago, but my comp died and I can’t afford a new one. I have a smart phone now, and I am slowly getting used to using it to do most of the things that I could do on my computer. Sorry I haven’t written in so long. Know that I feel your pain my friend.


  2. Thanks Ben. You know, the longer you sit back from writing, the more good ideas you will have. I read all of your books and have for years. You have the most amazing imagination. Take your time and mourn your Baloo. Mourning needs time.


  3. I was initially hesitant to touch the born a queen series I. Loved the ancient dream series and the series with rasverygrath but it seemed just 2 different. Luckily I ran out of stuff to listen 2 and sucked it up. Glad I did can’t wait for the next audiobook in the series.


  4. I really can’t blame you for being hesitant. A lot of authors have trouble when they branch out to other genres, which is why a lot of the big-name authors tend to be either science fiction or fantasy, rarely both. Honestly, I think that pure fantasy comes far more naturally to me, but I do enjoy branching out into superheroes or science fantasy.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next audiobooks once they’re out! I’m doing everything I can to use the same narrator across the series.


  5. So the audible version of this book is missing one of joys line near the end of chapter 26 in the audible book when hit says to cotta and Stella that she wasn’t talking to them during the leapord fight.


  6. I don’t blame you at all. Autocorrect doesn’t do well with some words.

    As for the error, I’ll look into it and see if it can be fixed. At this point, I’m not sure.


  7. Just as an update, Audible informed me and the narrator that this has been corrected. I’m not sure if it’ll update any downloaded files, but hopefully it will!


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