April 19th 2020 Update

Good news, great news and bad news! First of all, the good news! The audiobook of Webs & Wards has finally been approved and is heading to retail in the stores. I’ll send out an email about the release as soon as it goes live, which hopefully will be this week.

The great news and bad news are both part of the same thing. My editor had a cancellation, so Queen of Diamonds is at the editor as we speak! Well, as you read. This should have the book ready for publication by the end of the month… but the problem is that I don’t have cover art yet. For once, it looks like putting up the book will be waiting on the artist, who starts this coming week. Still, it should be out well before my original July release date.

Preparing Queen of Diamonds for the editor did delay me on Hives & Heroism somewhat, but I think it’s about halfway done at present, and I’m hoping to have it done for the original editing date of Queen of Diamonds, or even before. I haven’t decided what I’m going to do after that, but I’m leaning toward finishing the other parts of Dusk Gate, so I can publish it, then taking a few weeks off before my next project. Probably the first book of Second Contact, followed by two more books of Lilith’s Shadow, but no promises just yet.

Stay safe, everyone!

2 thoughts on “April 19th 2020 Update

  1. I would appreciate a follow-up to the Marines Codex on the other hand i won’t complain whatever you create.
    Thanks for the entertaining books.


  2. I do try. Some days are harder than others.

    As for Marin’s Codex… if I do anything (which is unlikely, but possible), it’d likely be a series of short stories about Emonael.


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