April 12th 2020 Update

This week I managed to finish the rough draft of Queen of Diamonds. It clocked in at a little under 97,000 words, which was a touch shorter than I originally expected for the story, but I feel it finishes it at a good point. It’s definitely leaving some aspects for the next book, but that’s how my writing usually works.

With that done, I’ve shifted my focus to working on Hives & Heroism, at least until I have feedback on Queen of Diamonds for its first editing pass. I’m focusing on them at the moment, then we’ll see where I’m at, as I am rather concerned with my current writing slump. I’m trying to keep moving, but I may have to take a few weeks off to recharge.

Also, as it’s been the 30 business days that Audible said to expect for Webs & Wards and it hasn’t been sent to publishing, I’ve sent them an email and am waiting for them to sort it out. I’m not amused, but with everything going on in the world I’m trying to be patient.

Anyway, stay safe, everyone!

2 thoughts on “April 12th 2020 Update

  1. Looking forward to both novels! I agree that maybe taking a bit of time away from writing (or even just writing something different like a mystery short) may be what’s needed to get you back on track and new ideas for storylines percolating.

    As to Audible, I don’t know enough about how their process works, but given the coronavirus pandemic, that may have had significant impact on the company’s ability to process their workload.


  2. I’m not sure what’s happened with Audible that they’re moving so much more slowly, since this started back in January. Unfortunately, they just kicked the book back to me because there were a couple of seconds of dead air just after one of the chapters, so the narrator and I had to fix that, then we got in the back of the line again. I hope this doesn’t take another two months…

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy the books when they come out as well! Queen of Diamonds may come out earlier than I expected… a lot depends on the editor and artist at this point.


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