November 24th 2019 Update & Audiobook Poll

Queen’s Move is up to about 75,000 words, and coming along nicely! However, with this week being a holiday in the United States, I’m planning to take the week off. There are a few things that I want to get feedback on, however, and some other news I want to share. This blog post will likely be a little long.

First of all, I would like to get feedback from all of you on my audiobooks. I’m currently looking at a major issue for Lilith’s Shadow, as Sarah Goer is currently booked until June of 2020. This means that if I want to hire her for Queen’s Move, the earliest the audiobook could come out, unless someone cancels, is July of 2020. Below is a link to a survey where I’m going to ask your opinions on a few things about audiobooks (how long you’re willing to wait, your opinion on changing narrators mid-series, what audiobooks you’ve listened to, and which of my narrators you like the most.) No identifying information will be collected, so please, if my audiobooks are important to you, take the survey. It will be open for 2 weeks.

Audiobook Survey

Speaking of surveys, the other survey about my series has closed, and I will be sharing some of what I learned from it later this week. I found it fascinating, and thank you to all those who took it!

Now, news on the audiobook front! Both Crisis of Faith and Hell’s Ascendant are in-production, and I’m hoping to have them live before the end of the year. Gabriella Cavallero is narrating Crisis of Faith, and Sarah Goer is narrating Hell’s Ascendant, so I’m really looking forward to seeing them go live!

Changing the subject back to Queen’s Move, I’m afraid that I had to change artists away from June Jenssen. Not because I disliked her art, but because she no longer had the time to work on my projects. She was deeply dismayed to have to inform me of this, and gave me the contact information of several other artists who could pick up the job when she cancelled. The one I chose is Tanya Alinery, a talented artist who I feel has a similar style to June, and who has done a minor project for me so far. I commissioned her to create three sketches (shown below) of Warden from Lilith’s Shadow as re-designs of her suit, post-Down with the Queen. These sketches were shown to my Patrons on Patreon, and I let them vote on their favorite one. (You can open the images to see the full size version of each.)

I’ll be perfectly honest. Choosing between the different styles of characters would have been hard for me. The second, more magical one won handily, but the third also got a fair number of votes, so in the end, a version of the second picture is Warden’s usual outfit, while a somewhat different version of the third will likely be combat armor she wears over it when going into battle.

Alinery is currently working on the cover for Queen’s Move, and if it goes well, I hope to have her paint covers of the other books as well! We’ll see how things go. I’ve also got a few other art pieces in negotiations, but I’m not going to jump the gun on announcing them just yet.

I hope everyone is having a great month, and that the week treats you well!

4 thoughts on “November 24th 2019 Update & Audiobook Poll

  1. Huh i would not have taken the second on just on the grounds that the body section of the suit is only a few shades darker than Warden’s new skin tone and all the things people in a Hero Obsessed world could take that to imply. I mean if she dosnt get a number of people wondering if shes just running around in a bikini and a somewhat opaque body suit over it i would be surprised.

    Over all though i do like it. I just…share Lilith’s view on hero suits and wish it was one with more armor :P


  2. Fair opinion! I think it got the most votes because it was the most ‘magical’ of them, but who knows for sure? Lots of comments were made about which parts they liked. In the end, I did somewhat compromise, with the third being the basis for her when fully suited for combat. Warden simply can’t teleport the full suit of armor onto her body like she can the other.

    As to the view on proper armor… I’m /pretty/ sure that was Circe/Amber, not Lilith. Lilith didn’t have strong feelings about it for other people, mostly for herself (as she’s pretty vulnerable, comparatively).


  3. Hmm you may be correct there about the armor comment source…shame im going to have to re-read the whole thing again to figure it out woe is me! /sarcasm

    I’ve always been a fan of the ‘armored heroine’ look over the body suit unless the characters background has a really good reason for the lighter stuff, aka a power that dosnt allow it or a bankroll issue for example.

    Also <.< My DM sense just makes me want to take that obvious road to player issues that the blue skin + Blue body suit would result in with out Heroing worlds lol.


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