November 10th Update

All of you who bought Crisis of Faith, thank you very much! Your support is what makes it possible for me to publish as much as I do, and if you’d review the book I’d deeply appreciate it. Now, on to the progress of the past week.

Queen’s Move is up to about 50,000 words and coming along well, so I think there are good odds of finishing the rough draft in early December. I want to remind that my editor’s first opening for the manuscript is currently in February, so it won’t be out until mid-February at the soonest. Webs & Wards will be sooner, but it’s also going to be a shorter book, so it can fit into a smaller slot.

Speaking of Webs & Wards, the audiobook of Sting & Song has been approved by Audible, so I’m currently waiting for it to go up on the different sites. The narrator is Reba Buhr, and I think she did a good rendition of Joy, particularly for the bee song that Joy composed.

Finally, I want to remind people that I’m taking a survey about what people like about my books. It’s only 5 questions, so if you’d take it, I’d appreciate it!

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17 thoughts on “November 10th Update

  1. You’re welcome! There’s a lot more story coming, isn’t there? You gave us several interesting plotlines revolving around not just Tyria, but some other folk as well. I look forward to the next entry in this realm. Along with the sequel to Sting & Song.


  2. For Sistina, Phynis, and the Jewels… not in the direct future, I’m afraid. Sistina’s immobility and sheer power make her a right pain in the posterior to threaten, so I end up having to jump through hoops to make the threats outside of her immediate vicinity, which kind of defeats the point of her being a main character.

    If/When I write more in the Ancient Dreams series, it’s far more likely to be following one or two of Sistina’s children, ~20-25 years in the future. That, or it’ll be a story I REALLY want to write about the end of the universe. But that one needs to come last, just sort of by necessity.

    The next book of the Beesong Chronicles is currently looking like it’ll come out in early January, however. We shall see!


  3. I agree it would be difficult (although not impossible) to find a fitting challenge for Sistina et al, but you do still have Dianne/Wenris, Daniel/Sina, Lily and Kitten, and the adventuring band you just introduced. I’m really kind of wanting to see how Dianne/Wenris pans out, honestly.

    I’ll be looking forward to the next installment of the Lilith storyline (that’s next month, I think?), and thanks for the update on the Beesong Chronicles!


  4. Diane and Wenris is likely to be a short story at some point (because if Wenris figures out what she’s up to… oof.), while my wife really wants to see Lily (and Kitten) get dragged off on an adventure, so that very well may happen. The other adventurers… are unlikely, to be honest. Part of the point of them is to show that there are powerful people in other parts of the world.

    Lilith’s Shadow, alas, is scheduled for February, as that’s the earliest editing date I could get for a 100,000+ word manuscript, and I’m only 50,000 words through it right now. I also need to get cover art… anyway, Webs & Wards (Beesong Chronicles 2) is the next book to come out, in January.


  5. I have to say that I’m looking forward to reading the next book(s) of Lilith’s Shadow! Unfortunately, I’ve been busy with life and haven’t been able to read your most recent works (newest would be The Obsidian Palace), but I plan to make time for Queen’s Move. It’s my favorite series of yours (2nd read) and holds a special place in my heart!


  6. I’m glad you’re looking forward to it! I’m hoping to get out the next several books over the course of 2020, but we’ll see what happens! Life can always get in the way, after all.


  7. I really enjoyed the dungeon dive chapters in the Ancient Dreams series. I think seeing the Southern branch adventurers take their first few dives in Sistina’s dungeon would be a fun short story.


  8. The dungeon delves are one of my least favorite parts of the stories to write, if I’m being honest, which is why they got sidelined in the main Ancient Dreams trilogy. That said, doing a short story involving Adrian and the others… maybe. I’ll have to mull it over (in my copious free time!).


  9. I cannot wait for Joy to come back, she was my favorite character by far so far. And I really enjoyed Crisis of Faith, I honestly kinda want to see if a relationship evolves even more between Sistina, Phynis, the Jewels, and Tyria.


  10. Joy is being her usual, joyful self! I’m about to start writing on Webs & Wards for the day, and I’m hoping to finish the rough draft this month. Probably not, but it should be close.


  11. Jim forgot that you can make a story about The eternal empress getting revenge. I also would like to see some dungeon dives in a side story with some of the progress Sistina made on her Dungeon and how much stronger the new adventures are Maybe tie in that with Lily how she goes are hers adventure to find a ancient plant for Sistina’s Gardens lol.


  12. Jim forgot that you can make a story about The eternal empress getting revenge. I also would like to see some dungeon dives in a side story with some of the progress Sistina made on her Dungeon and how much stronger the new adventures are . Maybe


  13. I’m honestly not sure how well I could write a story about the Eternal Empress, but… it’s definitely a possibility in the back of my mind. She’s a scary lady when she’s upset, and she’s VERY upset.


  14. And personally I’d like to see a continuation of Marin’s kodak’s with emonil and damia search for vengeance. Mostly I’m just curious as to how a damia reacts to emonails true identity


  15. Crisis of Faith /will/ get an audiobook. I managed to find the publisher that Gabriella Cavalero currently uses, and hired them to produce Crisis of Faith for me. The production has hit a couple of delays, but it should be out in December or possibly January.

    As for Marin’s Codex and Emonael’s revenge, I don’t think that it’s something I’m interested in doing. What she did was too subtle for me to necessarily be able to write well, and if I did, it would be closer to a whole series of short stories or disjointed scenes than anything else.


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