September 22nd 2019 Update

My Alpha readers aren’t all done with Crisis of Faith, but enough of them are (and liked it!) that I decided to put up the pre-order, which is set for November 4th. One thing I’d like to note, I’m giving a slight discount on the book for the first week of its pre-order, and it’ll increase in price after that. Not by much, mind you, but it’s worth noting!

Order Crisis of Faith on

Also, as the question has come up a few times, Crisis of Faith is set approximately four months after the end of Halls of Power, so a little has changed, but not an immense amount. The events of the previous trilogy are extremely fresh in their minds, but at the same time, this story introduces new enemies, and isn’t focused primarily on Sistina, though she plays a major role in it.

With that out of the way, I’m also working on Webs & Wards while I wait for feedback, and it’s coming along well. I haven’t started (resumed?) working on Queen’s Move yet, as I want to do that after finishing my edit of Crisis of Faith. Add to that my upcoming birthday in the beginning of October, plus my wife is making good on her threat to drag me off on a vacation where I don’t just end up writing, and I don’t expect to get fully into Queen’s Move until mid-October.

Still, lots of progress is being made on multiple fronts! If, and this is a very big if, I can keep up my current pace, and if an editing date drops open for me like last time around, you very well could see Webs & Wards before the end of the year. Joy is just wonderful to write about.

10 thoughts on “September 22nd 2019 Update

  1. I’m glad to see its coming together. Did I miss a book though? Its listed as book 5 in the Ancient Dreams series.


  2. Just came across the Amazon page for this. I’ve enjoyed the series thus far. Looking forward to more of the Queen series and Joy from Sting & Song as well when you have things fleshed out for them.

    The focus on Tyria and how she is going to handle the conflicts between the two branches of her faith promises to be very interesting – along with anticipating seeing what else might be moving behind the scenes.


  3. I hope you enjoy it, when it’s out! The feedback from my alpha readers has been generally positive, so I’m quite happy I didn’t lose the ‘voices’ of the characters in the intervening time. Tyria and her church is going to be… odd, though. I don’t want to say too much, obviously, but it took a somewhat different turn than I initially intended.

    In any case, I doubt we’ve seen the last of the series! In the meantime, I’m working on balancing continuing old series with the new stories my muse wants to get out… it’s hard, sometimes!


  4. Definitely looking forward to seeing Sistina and Phynis’ world again, I really wanted to see how the Tyria/Medea thing was going to turn out,and here we are with it :)

    As a note for you, you say you’ve decided to number it 5, you may want to go back to your cover art then, the picture on Amazon says it is book 4. The page itself lists it as 5, but the picture of the cover shows 4,


  5. Actually, I changed that yesterday! See, Amazon *finally* allowed authors to put prequels as ‘Book 0’ in a series in the past 2 weeks, so I shuffled things around, with Marin’s Codex as book 0, and Crisis of Faith as book 4. If any additional books come out (no promises!) I’ll shove the omnibus back in the numbering, since there isn’t a number on the cover.

    But I hope people enjoy the book. I’m antsy about it, I freely admit that.


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