September 15th 2019 Update

This past week I finished the rough draft of Crisis of Faith, and it came to a bit over 106,000 words. Now, I’m expecting a fair bit of editing, which I’m going to start on tomorrow, but I’m not sure if the length will be impacted much. Hopefully I’ll get a description and pre-order up at some point this week, but no promises!

On my Patreon I’ve been working on book 2 of the Beesong Chronicles, Webs & Wards, and that’s coming along well. If it ends up at close to the length of Sting & Song, it’s a bit over 1/4 the way done. I’m not sure if I can keep up the pace, being honest, but if I can, I’ll be thrilled!

In any case, once I’ve edited Crisis of Faith, it’ll be time to return to Lilith with Queen’s Move. I’ve technically already started the story, since I wrote the prologue earlier this year, but I’m going to need to review it before I get started. I also tend to have to do a bit more research for Lilith’s Shadow than for other series, so writing on it may be slower than with other projects. We shall see, though.

Anyway, not much else to talk about. I hope you all have a great week!

4 thoughts on “September 15th 2019 Update

  1. I currently have four books planned. I’ll likely write two of them back-to-back, then see how I’m feeling before working on the next two. Sometimes I just need a break, to let out other stuff! However, since I *do* have all four planned, it’ll likely come quicker than the last time around, where I didn’t have much beyond Down with the Queen actively planned out.


  2. Is Queens Move going to actually be about Ms. Lilith or is it going to be about someone else? I am asking because you made it sound like you wouldn’t write about her anymore. Just fyi, I have autism and sensory processing disorder, so I very literal, so that is where the confusion comes from.


  3. Not a problem! At present, I intend for Lilith to be the central character for all the books I have planned in Lilith’s Shadow. Gina and Rachel are also intended to be in all of them, but that could change (if they’re on a trip when a book happens, for instance). I may eventually spin up a side series involving Chris and Janice from the A Date Gone Awry side stories as well, but have no plans there as of yet.

    Essentially, the original trilogy I plotted out got condensed into Born a Queen and Down with the Queen, and while I knew the vague direction the story would go after that, I didn’t have the details worked out. That’s a large part of why there was such a large delay after Down with the Queen, along with the fact I’ve got at least ten other stories/series I’d like to write. I’m hopeful to write all four books I have planned in the next year, though. We shall see!


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