September 8th 2019 Update

Crisis of Faith is up to ~92,500 words, and I think I’m going to finish the rough draft this week, though I’m not absolutely sure on that. Either way, it’s definitely coming to a close, which I’m quite happy about! It’s fascinating coming back to the characters again, and my biggest worry is that the tone of the writing may have changed with over a year of separation. We shall see!

Nothing has changed on the release date as far as I can tell, so I’m still expecting a late October release date at the earliest. I really need to get up a pre-order page for it. In any case, the book is coming along well!

On another subject, I’d like to ask any of you who particularly liked one of my books to review it if you want to see more books in that vein. For me as an author, reviews help sales, yes, but they also help inform what I did that people liked. If a series gets a lot of reviews, it helps encourage me to write more in that series. That’s a good part of why I came back to Ancient Dreams in the end, as well as why I’m coming back to Lilith’s Shadow! I have lots of stories to tell, but I want to write what people enjoy, too.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week!

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