September 1st 2019 Update

Hell’s Ascendant is released tomorrow! That’s the first thing that I wanted to make clear, of course, but it’s hardly the only thing. Crisis of Faith is up to ~80,000 words, and I’m pretty sure it’ll hit 90,000 before it’s finished, at the very least. I also started on Webs & Wards, the next book after Sting & Song, which will continue to be a side project (unless that series takes off like a rocket, then priorities may shift). Both Crisis of Faith and Webs & Wards are going to have chapters previewed on my Patreon, among other things, but they’ll also be shared on my Newsletter prior to release.

Speaking of my Patreon, I put up a public post recently with my plans, which you can find Here. Most of the information in it is stuff I’ve said on the blog or the like, but I’ll summarize here as well.

Crisis of Faith will come out in late October or early November, depending on editing, then I’m going to Lilith’s Shadow, starting with Queen’s Move, where Lilith moves to Paragon City. Queen’s Move won’t be out until February, based on editor availability. With the return to Lilith’s Shadow, I intend to give Gina’s outfit something of a makeover, which will happen in October or November, with June Jenssen making sketches and I’ll be letting my Patrons vote on the ones they like most, and in September I’m going to solicit feedback on the color scheme of Lilith’s power armor.

All of the people I usually work with are swamped with work (good for them!), so it shouldn’t be a surprise that my audiobooks are no different. Hell’s Ascendant won’t be out until almost the end of the year, if not early January, so I hired another narrator for Sting & Song. I do not have things planned on Crisis of Faith or further series yet, I’m afraid, as audiobooks are expensive to pay for, and I refuse to schedule them until I have the funds in hand for them.

There’s also more art incoming, but again, the people I work with are busy. This is why the project with June will be delayed until October at the earliest. Some of it should be sooner, but… best not to promise too early, in my opinion.

In all, things are going well! Lots is going on, and I hope to get out a lot more books for everyone to enjoy!

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