May 19th 2019 Update

Hell’s Ascendant is up to ~45,000 words, and coming along well. I’m unsure of the exact length it’ll be, but it might be shorter than the other books, as I tend not to want to draw out action scenes. Overall I’m in good spirits regarding it, and the art for the cover is coming along nicely! I’m also going to have some interruptions this week, as we’re getting a new air conditioning system installed, so my writing might fall short of the usual numbers this next week.

In other news, I approved the audiobook of Heaven’s Fallen on Saturday! Audible generally takes 2-3 weeks to put an audiobook up for sale, so it’ll still be a wait, but I’m glad to have a proper timeline! Sarah should be working on Mortal Gods soon, which I’m looking forward to. The two audiobooks will be coming out in pretty short succession, especially since the ebook of Mortal Gods will release close to the same time as the audiobook (with any luck, that is). Unfortunately, I also received some bad news. It appears that Sarah Goer has gotten a boom of business, and when I approached her on scheduling the audiobook production for Hell’s Ascendant, she can’t have it back to me until nearly the end of the year. I’m not going to delay the release of Hell’s Ascendant to the same time, but I thought it was worth letting everyone know that the third audiobook will be markedly delayed.

In any case, those are the updates for the week!

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