November 11th 2018 Update

Queen of Ice is released tomorrow, at least from my perspective. I know that there are plenty of time travelers who live in the future, so I can’t be sure when it’s finally been released. I’m excited to see it go out, as I’ve been quite deliberately suppressing my urges to talk about it for a while.

The Obsidian Palace is at about 57,500 words, which means I’m about a day ahead of my writing goal for the month so far. That’s good, because I fully expect I’m going to lose a day of productivity around Thanksgiving, though I’m going to try to get farther ahead. It helps that this is where everything is starting to finally come together in the story. My tendency to take a multitude of threads and weave them together has some disadvantages, but I must say that it isn’t necessarily a conscious decision I make to do it. I suspect it’s just how my mind works.

Anyway, not much else to be said, aside from the fact I’m working on a random short story for my newsletter. No clue if I’ll have the time or energy to complete it this month, but I’m going to try. Lots going on for me lately, but I don’t really want to talk about unpleasant stuff. I’d rather talk about what I enjoy.

I hope those of you who get Queen of Ice enjoy it!

6 thoughts on “November 11th 2018 Update

  1. Just finished reading it. I enjoyed it (I wasn’t very productive at work today). I especially enjoyed the ending end epilogue – not where I thought they were going.


  2. While it was obvious to me, I’m pretty sure that’s because I knew where I was going with it from when I started book one. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though! It was an interesting book to write, since it didn’t move at the pace I was expecting. I expected the first ~half to get done far more quickly, and the second half to be far more complicated.


  3. The pacing was definitely different to your previous books. At times it felt too slow, but given that the focus was character development it’s hard to make that happen in a rush.


  4. I can agree there. I think that Essryl’s interludes were one of the main things that allowed me to keep going at times.

    I’m guessing that the completely different pace is part of why I failed to write the story so many times, too. Either way, I’m better than halfway through the last book’s first draft, so I’m making progress!


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