June 3rd, 2018 Update

I got home on Wednesday, and The Avatar’s Flames is up to just over 40,000 words. That’s the tipping point of becoming a novel, according to the Nebula Awards… but it’s nowhere near done. I’m going to be trying to get as much done this week as possible, because I expect next week to be unpleasant for me, and I don’t know how much work I’ll be able to get done. If you’re curious, I have a fairly major dental procedure coming up.

However, I also have some bad news to share. Yesterday I found out that Amazon has changed some of their Terms of Service, and it’s going to necessitate a change to both Ancient Dreams and Marin’s Codex. The issue is that for books that aren’t titled as a collection, compilation, omnibus, or similar, they’re no longer allowing any additional content that makes up more than 10% of the book, and Into the Eternal Woods makes up 16.5% of Marin’s Codex. In the case of Ancient Dreams, this is easy to solve, since I just need to update the cover (and will be soon). Someone suggested I move Into the Eternal Woods into the ebook version of Ancient Dreams, which is a possibility I’m considering.

I should add that I don’t think this affects audiobooks or hardcover/paperbacks, but I’m not certain. If it does, I’m going to have to change things up a bit more. I’ll admit I’m half-tempted to commission a cover for Into the Eternal Wood and simply release it as a stand-alone novella for $0.99 and be done with it, but I’m not certain that’s the best approach either. Feel free to chime in if you feel strongly (or even mildly) in a particular direction, since I’m still working out what I want to do.

I’m not happy that I have to change things to already published material, but it is what it is, and I wanted to inform everyone as soon as I knew myself.

10 thoughts on “June 3rd, 2018 Update

  1. I’m not entirely sure I understand the issue, but shouldn’t renaming MC to something like “Marin’s Codex: Stories from the World of Ancient Dreams” or whatever solve the issue?

    Incidentally, if I understand this right, I appreciate this change. There’s been soooo many attempts at cheating the Kindle Unlimited page count by implying you’ll read story X “and bonus material” … and then the story is 5 pages and the rest is 1500 pages of c&p stories from other “collections”. Now they’ll need to be clearly marked as such “collections”.


  2. So, while I could rename Marin’s Codex, this means re-doing the cover as well, and after working on the cover for quite some time to get the words to look good without blocking too much of the art, adding that many words to the title would be problematic. Not impossible, but problematic.

    I’m not saying that I disagree with the change, honestly. I’ve heard a lot about ‘bonus books’ as they’re called in author circles, and until this point they were explicitly allowed by Amazon. I think the change is for the best, because I didn’t like not getting what I thought I was getting myself.

    I don’t know, though, I’ll have to think about what to do on my front.


  3. Is the ancient dreams omnibus just the original trilogy crammed into 1 book with some changed scenes or is it all 3 told as 1. For example say each book was 300 pages each is the omnibus 900 pages plus a bit for changes or is it say… 450 pages with a lot cut out? Am I making myself clear on meaning?


  4. The omnibus is all three books put into a single volume, adding a few scenes here and there, additional explanations where I felt things weren’t clear, removing sentences which didn’t add anything to the story, adding a few… it’s lots of little changes, but not much. If I tried to publish it at the same font size as the other books, it’d be around 1,350 pages, but I can’t do that because Amazon can only produce 828 page books. Through formatting I can get it small enough to fit, but that’s unfortunately small *text* as well.

    The editor may have more comments on things that need cleaning up, too. Someone pointed out an over-used phrase, and I’m going to try to alter the wording in a bunch of places before publishing.

    Hope that answers your question!


  5. Alas, it will not. The production of the original trilogy was done at no cost to me by another person, and part of what allowed that was giving the producer exclusive rights to produce the audiobooks for seven years. He may contact me to see about producing the omnibus, but I don’t know that it’s a cost-effective project from his point of view. Also, producing the books as an audiobook would likely cost me well over $10,000, too much for an omnibus which only has maybe 10% of the pre-orders of any other books I have.

    One day, once that seven year contract runs out and I have more business funds available, I’ll probably get the omnibus narrated with the changes. But it won’t be soon, likely as not.


  6. Regarding any changes to Marin’s Codex, personally as I listened to the book after the Ancient Dreams series I felt like it was book 4 of the series and thought it was an Amazon mistake not to list it as such. I don’t really see any issue why you could not simply include it as book 4 of Ancient Dreams, would this not fix the issue?


  7. Unfortunately no. Amazon is just getting finicky about any book that has too much of other content inside and doesn’t clearly label it. I decided to just label it as multiple stories, and haven’t gotten any complaints from Amazon about that.


  8. It shouldn’t be a problem in the end, it looks like. I just hadn’t had a lot of time to analyze the situation, and Amazon didn’t give us any warning of the change.


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