Down with the Queen Pre-Order

So, Down with the Queen‘s pre-order is now live on Amazon. As you can see, it’s scheduled for release on March 30th. Things look good for that release date, which makes me happy.

Now, for other news on Down with the Queen. After discussion with my Alpha Team, I’ve come to the conclusion that book 2 is the end of the current story arc. Are there additional plot threads that can be picked up? Definitely, but this is the best point to pause and work on another series. I’ll also be honest and say that Lilith’s Shadow has had nowhere near the popularity of Ancient Dreams. It makes sense for me to explore another series before coming back to it.

will come back to it, mind you. I have another trilogy I want to write for it, and I’m not starting that right now. Amber shall rise again.

4 thoughts on “Down with the Queen Pre-Order

  1. That is a shame Lilith’s Shadow did worse.

    I am a huge fan of Ancient Dreams and liking it is what got me to pickup Born a Queen recently, even though I tend to not like super hero books. In the end, I was glad I did because I liked it at least as much as Ancient Dreams.


  2. I do want to say that while Lilith’s Shadow hasn’t done nearly as well, Ancient Dreams did leaps and bounds better than I had any right to expect. It was, in my opinion, lightning in a bottle. It did amazingly. Why, I have no clue. I’m going to try to write good books, though. Hopefully I continue to write what people enjoy.


  3. Do we have a audio book release date for marin’s codex at the moment? I think I remember you saying some time this month but can’t remember if you said a day


  4. I answered this in the update that came out today, but the simple answer is no. It should come out around the middle to the end of this month, but everything depends on if the recording goes according to schedule, and if I don’t find anything that needs to be fixed when I do a spot check of the audio.


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