January 28th 2018 Update

This past week I got a ton of work done on Down with the Queen, increasing the word count to ~25,000 words, over 50% more than I usually would’ve done in a week. Normally I have a hard time getting going on a story, but on this one I just hit the ground running. Whether that’s because I had a good idea of what I wanted, or simply because I was ready to work on it, I’m not certain.

Regardless, book 2 of Lilith’s Shadow is coming along well. If I can keep this up, we likely will see the book released in April, possibly a bit sooner. I make no promises, though, as the imagination is a fickle thing, and I’m going to be careful not to burn myself out. There’s no point in trying to get the book done quickly if I’m going to run out of steam halfway through it.

I’m working with an artist on new cover art for Born a Queen, I believe I mentioned, as well as Down with the Queen, but those will take some time to complete. I’m also experimenting with things for the eventual cover of the Ancient Dreams Omnibus, using a new program to see what works better for it. I probably will share the tentative cover this week, once I’m sure I’m happy with it for the time being. As an aside, people may not be aware that unlike a number of authors, aside from the artwork itself, I create my own covers at home. Thus, any problems with them can be blamed on one person. Me. I don’t mind that, as I enjoy playing with the settings to get what I like.

In any case, things are coming along well, and hopefully I can get the next book into your hands sooner rather than later!

4 thoughts on “January 28th 2018 Update

  1. The way marin’s codex ended with emonail speaking to the crystal ball in her bedroom makes it sound like there will be more about their relations in the future. Do you know if you will be developing on that for another book?


  2. In all honesty, the eventual events of that particular scene would likely be more suited to a short story or novella in the end. I quite nearly wrote that before starting on Down with the Queen, in fact.


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