Problems with Marin’s Codex

No, not formatting or typos, to my knowledge. Instead, when I set up the book I did everything I could to make sure it was in Kindle Unlimited and everything else. Unfortunately, at launch it didn’t enroll the books in KU. This means that plenty of people may be disappointed, and I want to apologize if you’re among them. I’ve hit the enroll button and contacted Amazon, but I want to state that this was unintentional. I was wondering why I hadn’t gotten as many pages read overnight, and it explains things, unfortunately.

8 thoughts on “Problems with Marin’s Codex

  1. I usually only read KU books but I don’t have a problem with purchasing a book occasionally. I imagine that most people who want to read the book will still buy it.


  2. A fair number will, but not all. Thing is, KU makes up ~60% of my income from the books in total. Would some of those sales come anyway if I wasn’t in it? Most likely, yes, but not all of them. For me, it doesn’t make sense not to be in KU at present, which was why I was so worried about it.


  3. It was amusing seeing the thing unfolding. Didn’t think anything about it not being on KU – I mean, it’s basically a “for fans” release, so that even kinda made sense to me – but then some time later the KU button appeared. Except it brought up an error page when clicking. Then some time later the button worked, but actually lending it still coughed up an error. And yet again later it actually worked.

    Seems to take some time to get into all of Amazon’s systems properly if it doesn’t happen right away ^^;


  4. Just a heads up that pre-orders show whether a book will be in KU or not. Marin’s codex was not showing as being listed as a KU title ever since the pre-order went live.

    So the easy way to tell if a book will be in KU is to check it’s pre-order.


  5. I doubt you’re the only one this happened to. I know some series that are like 1, 2, 5, 7, 8 KU and the others not. If that’s done deliberately the author has some seriously strange ideas of promoting their works …

    Incidentally, about that bug thing; I thought about it some more and I think this actually always happens. It’s just that usually you won’t notice: if it’s right at midnight for a novel release, the release won’t be available. It always takes some 20-30 minutes until it’s all unlocked. So that’s probably when it goes through the various systems or something. It just this happened “visibly” because it was already online.


  6. I really don’t know. I’m wondering if, when I uploaded the final manuscript, or when I changed options for the pre-order, it unchecked the box for Kindle Select? Regardless, I don’t know.

    In the end, though, so long as I haven’t publicly stated I’m pulling out of KU, if something isn’t in KU it’s a mistake, and as soon as I find out, I’ll fix it.


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