November 5th Update

So, Marin’s Codex is at ~35,000 words, give or take a bit. Not quite where I hoped to have it this week, but good enough that I don’t feel too bad with a holiday and dealing with root canals and the like this past week. More of the latter in the upcoming week (mostly the aftermath), so I’m half-expecting to be relatively slow.

The story is still coming along nicely, though I’m not entirely certain how much longer it’ll be. An interesting project, that’s for certain. Oh, and for what it’s worth, aside from the prologue and epilogue, the story will be entirely from the perspective of two characters, alternating as needed for the story.

Also, I’ve been working with an artist on artwork for Sisters of Radiance, despite the fact that it’s going to be at least 6 books down the road. A good part of this is because one of the main characters is an unusual race that I created for the setting, and I wanted to get her appearance right well ahead of time. The race is called the derran, and they’re a species descended of demons, but who’ve become mortal due to their time in the mortal world. Their skin color varies, but tends to be blues, reds, purples, or shades of gray to black, and they possess fiend-like tails. The artwork was done by IndyMBras, and the character is Lady Anar.

Lady Anar Low Res

6 thoughts on “November 5th Update

  1. It’s a nice picture, but I feel the demonic features should be a bit more pronounced. And maybe some more of them, too. Fangs? Visible veins? Strategically placed scales? Something. ;)


  2. I got what I asked for in this case. The demonic features are supposed to be their horns, tail, eyes, and fingernails… though I neglected to mention those to the artist, so that’ll have to wait until I work on a cover. Besides which, Anar isn’t supposed to be all that intimidating on her own.


  3. Before the Godsrage is intended to be an anthology in the Ancient Dreams universe, a sort of set of prequels to the series, explaining bits of the world and what’s going on.

    Broken Chains is a short story that could eventually spawn a book or more. It was something that popped into my head back in September, so I wrote it in a few days.

    Sisters of Radiance is going to be the… 3rd series in my current schedule, and I have a teaser of it in my ‘other titles’ section of the site, which I can’t seem to figure out how to link at the moment. Lady Anar is one of the two leads of it.


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