Mid-Week Randomness!

So, several things to update people on, most of it random. First off, the re-write of Born a Queen is going well. Apparently I needed the potential panic of not being able to use the same editor to light a fire under my arse. I expect to finish this week, at the rate I’m going, at which point I’m contacting my Alpha Readers to look it over and tell me what needs to be nuked from orbit.

Now, on to the random! First off, I’ve got a commission of Sistina in-progress that should be done in the next few days/weeks, that I intend to be used for the cover of the eventual omnibus for the Ancient Dreams trilogy. I got the ‘base colors only’ version a few days ago and was pleased.

Secondly, I recently read a book on the kindle called Fangs of Freelance. This is the… fifth book, I believe in the adventures of Fred the Vampire Accountant. Each book is made up of four to five ‘case files’ of the random terrors that happen to poor Fred, who wants nothing to do with them. I personally find the books very enjoyable, and recommend them to those who like a relatively mundane, pacifist main character with a fair dash of humor (it’s by Drew Hayes, if that means anything to you). The first book is The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant, if you want a link.

I’m afraid that’s everything I had for the moment, though I’m currently working on a… well, genre rant for fellow authors that I may post soon-ish. I finished the Fantasy section, now I need to do the science fiction part. Thing is, it’s a bit on the long side. We’ll see if I ever finish it, won’t we? My books are more important, though.

Back to the salt mines!

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Randomness!

  1. Work! Work! Work! The internet is watching you… Or at least, I am. And I’ve preodered Born A Queen… If it’s anywhere as good as the Ancient Dream series, and if you intend on making sequels to this one, know you’ll have my readership…and my money…


  2. Heh. I just had my primary Alpha Reader tell me that it’s awesome so far. Trying to get this out!

    I also know that it’s going to be at LEAST two books, possibly three. Also, since it’s based on superhero stuff, it’s a lot easier to set up additional plots down the road.

    Besides, Lilith isn’t incredibly overpowered like Sistina is, which helps make developing plotlines easier. ^_^


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