August 27th Update

So, Born a Queen is coming along well in editing. I’m halfway through it, and trying to accelerate things. This is at least partially prompted by news that if I don’t get it done quickly enough, I may not be able to use my usual editor, which is going to make things… interesting on my end. I’m not sure yet, a lot’s up in the air. The sooner I finish, though, the more likely I am to be able to get it edited by the same person.

I’ve also found the length of the book increasing as I write. A lot of descriptions needed work, and I’m finding myself much happier with the re-writing. That being said, to give an actual substantial update, I’m going to show a basic character profile for Lilith Carpenter, the main character of  the story. Nothing that’s actually really a spoiler, either, as I really don’t want to do that, so a few pieces of information will be held back. I want to reiterate that this is primarily focused on the characters and their relationships, so while explosions will happen, it’s not the focus. There’s also going to be some darkness to the story as well.

Lilith Carpenter

Description: Lilith is approximately six feet tall (~183 cm) and idealized in the form that the supervillainess Shadowmind viewed as perfect, with black hair to the middle of her back with crimson highlights, emerald eyes, and a voluptuous figure. She tends to dress simply, preferring jeans or slacks and simpler blouses or jewelry.

Powers: To all appearances and knowledge, Lilith possesses a single superpower known as a Captivation Field. This ability causes her to draw attention when she’s nearby, so long as there isn’t a significant intervening barrier between her and others. She cannot suppress this ability or otherwise turn it off, making it difficult to go anywhere without drawing significant attention. Her physical abilities are immensely enhanced from what a normal human’s are, but such is part of her physical body, not powers she was granted.

Background: Lilith’s background is bizarre, even in a world with superpowers. The villainess Shadowmind originally intended Lilith’s body as a replacement for her own, and collected genetic samples from hundreds of heroes and villains across the globe in order to create what she considered the perfect genome and resulting body. The manipulation of Lilith’s genome was so extensive that many would question whether she was truly human, for her strength, resilience, and reaction time are nearly ten times that of a normal human on average.

Lilith was fortunate in that Shadowmind became curious what sort of personality such a ‘human’ might develop, and chose to instead implant enough information in her mind to become her own person. Only gaining consciousness after Shadowmind was captured, Lilith found herself with little idea of who she was or should be, and was primarily tutored for several months by a near-sentient AI named Circe. In many ways, she is still trying to find where she fits into the world.

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