Halls of Power Finalized

I received the edited version of Halls of Power last night, and stayed up late going through the document to get it ready. Once done, I sent it to the audiobook producer, set the release date for the book for August 11th, got the files formatted and uploaded for the release, and have sent out ARCs to the new ARC team.

At this point, unless the ARC readers find any egregious errors by the 6th, Halls of Power is done. I’m going to be working on getting the pre-order for Born a Queen put together, and I’m going to get started on it. It very well may take a week before I get into it properly, but best to let everyone know.

9 thoughts on “Halls of Power Finalized

  1. I won a copy of spells of old, thank you for that. Didn’t make the ARC cut 😭. Prologue and chapter 1, both good, looking forward to August 10th 9pm for us west coasters.


  2. I hope you enjoy the copy of Spells of Old! As for the ARC list… most of those I eliminated were in one of two situations. Either their reviews weren’t linked to their account, or there was only a single review. When it was the latter case, I’d read the review and see how detailed/useful it would be to a reader. Hope that helps for the Born a Queen ARC list. ^^


  3. Ah found my problem, guess amazon customer is hard to figure out. Changed it to A Cuelho, so maybe next time. Yes I enjoyed the audio book, good choice for reader.


  4. I’m really looking forward to it, have loved the books so far. One strange thing is that Amazon is telling me its release date is 1st of September but that’ll be charged on the 11th August. Not sure what thats about.

    Hope you write more books like this!


  5. What happened was that I originally had the release date set for September 1st, until I knew for certain that I could get it out sooner. It actually goes live tomorrow, so that’s what’s happening.


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