July 30th Update

Not much to update on this week. I’m expecting the edited version of Halls of Power back sometime today to review and prep for publication. I’ve done a little work on Born a Queen, but nowhere near enough to satisfy me. I think it’s a combination of this stupid persistent cough, a couple of unavoidable trips in the middle of the day during the week, and a terror of getting so caught up in it that I flub the final once-over of Halls of Power.

That being said, I expect to have the book finalized by tomorrow. Depending on things, I may or may not have a confirmation on the final release date on the 1st. It’s definitely going to be on or before August 15th.

4 thoughts on “July 30th Update

  1. Probably before the end of October? I hope to have it out before the end of September, but I’m a bit… jaded where Audible is concerned. They took their own sweet time with Spells of Old.


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