Halls of Power: Off to Editor

I must give thanks to my Alpha and Beta readers. Without them, innumerable minor errors could have slipped past, and the version of Halls of Power which I sent to the editor a few minutes ago would be much less satisfying. I think it would have been fairly satisfying, but not in as many of ways.

As a point of note, just because I sent it to the editor early doesn’t mean that the book will be done sooner. It just means that they have it sitting in their in-box longer. As soon as I get it back, I’m told that the audiobook producer is going to ‘hit the ground running once you have it ready’. So depending on… everything, really, it should be ready faster than Spells of Old was. I must add, having read the entire text of Halls of Power aloud, I bow down before audiobook narrators on how hard of a job it is.

I have also chosen to add a few Character Profiles, after a long drought. While I may add others on request, these are the profiles I feel, having written the entire series, are most applicable. There are others that could go on the page, but I feel they’re too much of spoilers. If there’s someone you really, really feel could use an entry, feel free to mention it. If I’m thinking about them, it’s fairly likely I’ll just do it on a spur-of-the-moment lark.

Finally, on Monday with my newsletter containing Into the Eternal Wood Chapter 7, I will be allowing people to sign up for a chance to be an ARC reader. I’m keeping the list extremely small so that I can actually keep track of it without having to, oh, hire an assistant like some authors do. Some authors have over two hundred or more ARC readers, I intend to have no more than twenty.

I hope everyone is having a great day, and if you want to ask questions, feel free!

3 thoughts on “Halls of Power: Off to Editor

  1. Is the 15th still looking possible? You have no idea how much I am looking forward to this book.


  2. The 15th of August was based on the pessimistic schedule of getting the book to the editor on the 24th. I’m giving the audiobook producer a full 2 weeks to work on it before it goes live.


  3. Also, I should add this. Earlier in the year I thought that ‘no one is more frustrated by delays than me’. Then I paused and thought about how I’ve champed at the bit when waiting for a book by one of my favorite authors. So I freely admit, no, I’m actually not as impatient as others might be. I hope you enjoy, or love, the book.

    And one of the Beta readers said of Lily’s last scene: “…is quite possibly the most ridiculously adorable thing in the entire trilogy.”


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