July 23rd Update

As I mentioned a few days ago, Halls of Power is off to the editor. I originally scheduled for the editor’s time starting on the 24th, so I have no clue if this will just leave it in their In Box, or if they’ll start early. Either way, I’m on schedule. If I do get the book back early, I’ll see if I can’t move the release date forward a little even from August 15th. I’m not sure, though, so we’ll have to see.

For the upcoming week, I’m going to start poking Born a Queen more heavily. I was sick this past week, enough so that I didn’t feel in any state to poke the book, but I’m starting to feel better. But since I went ahead and mentioned it, I feel I may as well show the cover that I put together for the book. The art is by Brendon and Brian Fraim, who have worked on a number of projects, the one which I’m personally most familiar with was for the Champions RPG.

Born A Queen CoverLR

With that, I’m done with what updates I have!

11 thoughts on “July 23rd Update

  1. Yeah~ Might get the book in time to read on my vacation~.

    Also, just read the summary for Born a Queen and… Just based on that and how much I’ve enjoyed the Ancient Dreams series so far, I’m buying.

    You’re awesome!

    (…well, at least your books are. You might be a complete a-hole for all I know. ^_^ )


  2. I try very, very hard not to be a jerk. However, I DO know that occasionally the filter between my brain and mouth doesn’t work, and I say something extremely stupid and sometimes rude… for which I usually immediately apologize if so.

    As for when it comes out… I know for a fact that unless something catastrophic happens, the book will be ready for the 15th. Hopefully 4-5 days early, but the 15th is solid.

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  3. It’ll be good to have another book to read for the flights to and from Gen-Con. Fourteen hours on various planes pretty much requires a fully charged Kindle, personally.

    I almost hope it doesn’t get bumped up, otherwise I’ll be tempted to read it beforehand. :P


  4. Speak for yourself. I’m literally bouncing off the walls here waiting for Halls of Power. ;)


  5. I’m afraid not. After the last time, I’m leery of even guessing. I know that the producer intends to start on it as soon as I can get the files to him, but it really depends. Halls of Power is a bit bigger than the other books.


  6. Someone posted feedback on places of power and I was thinking “Yes! It’s out early!”, then the nooo beta reader…..


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