June 11th Update

Despite reviewing the audiobook of Spells of Old last week, I met my goal, giving Halls of Power approximately 67,500 words! If I keep up my current rate, I might, might have the rough draft done by the end of June. Mind, this is the first draft, so don’t expect the final too quickly. I also want to point out that in my mind, the story takes as long as it takes, so this very well may be a shorter book than either Ancient Ruins or Spells of Old, but will very likely be 100,000 words or more.

Now, as for the audiobook of Spells of Old. The producer finished the corrections quite quickly, and I’ve approved the audiobook. Based on my experience with Ancient Ruins, from this point it’ll take 2 weeks for the audiobook to go live. It could be less, but we’ll see. If I could give an actual release date, I would. I will also be doing a drawing for free audiobook copies of Spells of Old after it’s released for those on my mailing list, so you have been warned!

I haven’t done much editing of Born a Queen lately, but it’s not out of my head. After some of the panels at PaizoCon, there are several aspects of the story that I’d like to revise a bit further, because while I don’t think the name of one of the characters would raise hackles, I’d rather avoid doing something stupid when I don’t fully understand a particular culture. Yes, the guy is a supervillain, but… best to make sure. I think the name Ebon Dragon works.

That’s all I can think of for the moment, but on Wednesday I’ve got a blog post incoming on what my writing goals are, and what to expect from me for at least the next year.

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