What to Talk About

So, I’ve been a bit flummoxed about what to talk about lately. With my wife waiting to hear back on a potential job, I don’t dare start commissioning art that I don’t have a specific need for. I don’t want to spoil plotlines for future stories, so I’m keeping my mouth shut there. I don’t want to talk about story ideas that will never see the light of day, so I don’t want to mention those, either. And with Halls of Power about halfway to 2/3rds done (first draft), it’s not close enough to start really teasing bits there.

Thus I find myself in a quandary. I want to update people and chat via my blog, but I’m not sure what to speak about. If people have ideas, they can let me know. I haven’t been reading a whole lot, so I can’t do much there, either. Also, I have chatted a little with people on the Discord server, and enjoy doing so, but for the most part it’s pretty quiet.

6 thoughts on “What to Talk About

  1. You could talk about long term plans. Do you plan to keep writing? What kind of books? Do you have any long term goals with your writing? Etc etc


  2. I’m on a bit of a tear for litrpg books and have started reading “The Trapped Mind Project.” It reminded me a lot of a sci-fi series that starts with “The Unincoporated Man” and I found that the similarities were mostly in the themes. In this case the nature of free choice and the toxicity of a good argument defeating healthy exploration of alternatives… stagnation I guess?

    Anywho, that similarity got me thinking on how different authors can have very different takes on the costs, consequences and rewards of the exact same themes. I was curious if you’ve run across any themes or overarching concepts that really resonated with you and you’ve either attempted to incorporate into your books OR themes that you’d like to explore in future works since their arguments fell flat in a given novel for you?


  3. Hmm… interestingly enough, that’s approximately what spawned Ancient Ruins. If you remember, I mentioned that I was originally thinking about Dungeon Born and The Slime Dungeon and wondering how I’d use the same general theme for myself. It’s definitely something that I’ll think about, though!


  4. Amusing but terrible AD&D/Pathfinder/Pick-Your-System storeis are often fun, and you can tie them into how you worldbuild now. Or how you don’t worldbuild, as thte case may be.


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