June 4th Update

So, as I put in previous posts, I’m home! Aside from a dust storm in the outskirts of Boise, the trip went well. The dust storm dropped visibility on the interstate to nothing in about a second, and since everyone was doing 80 miles per hour, it apparently caused a three vehicle wreck just a little ways behind us. My wife and I had pulled off the interstate, so we only heard what happened. Still, I hope those injured recover well, as last I heard one man was hospitalized.

Now, as to progress. I got almost nothing done on my trip, and while I was intending to review the audiobook of Spells of Old while I was up there, I only got word that it was available after I’d left, and my final copy of it’s document was on my home PC, so it had to wait. As this means I had to leave my producer waiting for a full week, I’m focusing on that first. I’m starting Chapter 29 of Spells of Old as soon as I finish this update, and hoping to get through at least 40 before the end of the day. Halls of Power is only at 55,000 words, and I intend to go full-bore on it after I finish my review of SoO.

Speaking of Halls of Power, I believe I’ve mentioned my goal is to get it out by my birthday, October 3rd. I’m extremely confident that I’m going to get it out before that point, possibly as early as September or even earlier. I’m not going to give a date because it’s always possible that my muse will crap out on me and I’ll spend all of June getting barely 5k words a week. I hope not, but I want to be honest.

Anyway, that’s what I have to say! Oh, and I had a blast chatting with a couple of people on my Discord server last night.

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