Tools & Discord

I’m taking a brief break from reviewing the audiobook of Spells of Old to update people on some things that’ve been rattling around my brain.

First off, there are two tools I want to bring up. First is the computer program Campaign Cartographer. You may have noticed the map on the Ancient Dreams page, which was made by me, using Campaign Cartographer. If you look on Profantasy’s website, you’ll note that I’m not very good at using CC, but I enjoy it. While not cheap, if you’re the artistic type you might find it fun, and it can make building basic maps relatively easy. I think I’m going to end up trying to get a professional cartographer to turn my map into something more sane, but that’s a subject for another time.

Oh, and of course I use CC to build maps for my tabletop games.

Now, second is a book I bought at PaizoCon. This book is The Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding. Before anyone thinks this is more than it is, I want to manage expectations. This book is 120 pages of useful content, and is primarily intended for Roleplaying Game writers/game masters, though I found much of it useful to me as the writer of a novel.

The book has essays from a variety of professional game designers and authors, including Michael Stackpole, each discussing a different aspect of worldbuilding, from what level of technology is believable to the different ways you can use gods. I found it fascinating, and it also had a section on a ‘world bible’ that I think I need to use. Oh, for those who don’t know what that is? A World Bible is a list of all the important aspects of your setting, especially if you intend other people to write in it. Generally it’ll also have major spoilers in it.

Now, on to subject number 2, Discord! I’m pondering setting up a channel on Discord (a chat program similar to Skype, but free and without ads) for the Ancient Dreams saga. This would allow people to chat with me more directly, and I could reply at my own pace. I just wanted to throw it out there, since I haven’t decided. This literally popped into my head late last night.

Also, I’m relieved to be home. The beds in hotels are uncomfortable compared to my own, and sometimes it just takes a change of pace to make you appreciate what you have.

Have fun, everyone!

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