Home Again

I’m home from PaizoCon! I got crap for writing done while I was up there, but I had a blast in the doing. First, updates.

Shortly after I left, I found out that the audiobook of Spells of Old was ready to review. This was made more difficult because I hadn’t uploaded the edited version of the book to my laptop, and I was busy. Thus, I’m starting the review of it tonight. As the book is 14 hours long, this means that I likely won’t be working on Halls of Power until sometime next week.

Second, while I was up at PaizoCon I got to chat with a few people. I might, might, be submitting a few of the things I’ve created over the years for possible publication. However, I suspect that they will be politely refused. I’m going to be doing that in the coming days, but we’ll see.

I’ll try to get back to work quick. I’m happy to be home!

3 thoughts on “Home Again

  1. Hey Ben, I have a completely off topic question. I was wondering if we will ever see an official timeline of major events? I mean just a simple line with dates and events on it, such as the God Rage, Sistina entering the stone, the death of elf Sistina, the founding of the various kingdoms, and things like that? Maybe even with things completely unrelated to the books just there for world depth. I feel like it would be very interesting. Will you ever be publishing one? Or have you already and I have missed it haha?


  2. So, will you see an official timeline? Maybe. You have to remember, Ancient Ruins was a rage-fueled writing project. I didn’t put a huge amount of thought into the timeline, save to decide: “Okay, let’s have Avendrial imprisoned for 10,000 years… but due to generating more memories and the like, I’ll increase it to 12,000. Then, at the halfway point, there’s a cataclysm of some type to make sure magic/technology doesn’t get too advanced. Good enough.”

    The Godsrage was created as a later explanation. I had no details, or anything of that sort. That being said, I did give a single date, and an approximate time since the Godsrage when Phynis first translated the text on Sistina’s tomb. That gives me something to work off of.

    While at PaizoCon I visited a number of panels, including To Infinity and Beyond: Reskinning Pathfinder, and Worldbuilding 201. The first panel was about adapting the Pathfinder rules to play games in settings with rules that it wasn’t intended for (a panelist ran a superhero game with it, for instance). The second was the philosophy of worldbuilding, and was fascinating to attend. The two together have me starting to cobble together the rules for the Ancient Dreams universe, and thinking about how to create the rest of the world. I’ve got a handful of landmarks in my head, but the vast majority of the world is essentially a blank canvas. This gives it a lot of potential, as well as numerous pitfalls to it. But if, if I decide to do proper worldbuilding, I’ll build a full basic timeline. It’ll be almost double the length of the history of civilization on Earth, but at the moment that’s more a necessity than anything else.


  3. Good to hear that we might see one, I will look forward to the possibility. Thanks for the response and good luck with the writing. :)


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