March 26th Update

So, all but one beta reader have gotten back to me with feedback on Spells of Old. I’ve been going through and polishing some of the chapters, fixing minor issues in the process, but there hasn’t been anything major that’s needed to be changed. The worst was a missing word. As I told people before, I’ve scheduled the editor, and they’re going to be working on the book as of the 5th of April, but I’m going to send it to them on the 1st, assuming there isn’t anything big I need to fix. I doubt they’ll work on it early, but it’s possible.

Also, I haven’t said anything recently about the audiobook of Ancient Ruins. It’s in production, and I’m staying out of the producer’s way. Recording is scheduled to be done by April 5th (I just realized how convenient that was), at which point I need to review the book to make sure there aren’t any errors. I’m just going to assume that the 6th is going to be completely taken by listening to the audiobook. Assuming that nothing needs to be fixed, the audiobook should be available next month, but I have no way of knowing for certain.

I’ve approved the proof copy of Ancient Ruins paperback, which is going to allow people to purchase it in the and .ca regions, as well the Europe and Great Britain regions. It’ll take it a few days to build the Amazon page, at which point I’ll link it, but first I have a question. Here is the Createspace link. I can expand the distribution to most other Amazon sites, but since they don’t have Createspace printers in all of them, they have to go through other publishers. This means that in order to break even on the production cost I’d have to increase the paperback price from $11.99 USD (which earns me less money than the ebook), to $17.99 USD, or a 50% increase in cost. Worse, it doesn’t look like I can change it on a region by region basis, so it’d end up gouging those of you who’re in regions I can distribute to now. I really don’t want to do that, but if people really want me to expand the distribution, I’ll do so. I just want to be honest about what it looks like.

Finally, when I send Spells of Old off to the editor, I’m going to write up the first chapter or two of Halls of Power, and take a brief break for a week. I’m going to write up a short story that will make no sense to anyone who hasn’t read Spells of Old, and if my friends have followed through with their Superhero short stories, I’m going to help edit them, and add more of my own to flesh them out. My goal is to have Halls of Power done by my birthday, October 3rd… but we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, that’s everything for my update!

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