Ancient Ruins Proof!

So, I got the proof copy of Ancient Ruins!

I would’ve taken pictures of the interior, but all my pictures turned out blurry (I don’t have the steadiest of hands). I only have a single issue, in that my name and the title on the interior at the top of each page isn’t centered, and is instead left-aligned. I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth delaying the book for several days while they go through it again. Decisions, decisions.

Edit: Oh, and I put up a Religion page for explaining some of how deities work in Ancient Dreams as a trilogy.

5 thoughts on “Ancient Ruins Proof!

  1. It’d be nice if all three novels were formatted the same, so if it bugs you I’d say rather delay now than be annoyed forever ^^;


  2. I adjusted the file. They’re in the process of reviewing it, and once they have I’m going to check the digital proof with a fine toothed comb. Assuming it looks good, I’m going to approve it and let everyone know.


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