Audiobook & Print-on-Demand

Alright, I don’t remember what I told people off-hand about the audiobook production, but I think I need to speak about it. I signed the contract to get the audiobook produced, but that was before I got the editor who went through Ancient Ruins for me. I screwed up by not thinking things through, and only told the audiobook producer about the editing after I’d already sent it off. Fortunately it was before they started production, but it still was really dumb of me to do. I got the producer the updated manuscript last Saturday morning, but it likely set them back on their schedule. I consider this my fault, and if there are any problems with the audiobook production due to it, I take full responsibility. I’m not going to say anymore about it, save that it’s happening.

Also, I’ve been preparing to get Ancient Ruins set up for Print-on-Demand via Createspace, which will be available on Amazon. I don’t know pricing or anything else yet, as I’m currently wrestling with formatting Ancient Ruins after I’ve finished writing on Spells of Old each day. Minor problems mostly, but time-consuming. It’ll happen, hopefully with me checking over a proof copy by sometime next week.

Anyway, that’s all that I can think of to tell you about on each subject.

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