Writing Teasers

I asked if people wanted to read a couple of sample chapters from other titles I’ve worked on but not finished, and since at least three people said yes, I’ve put them up. I must say that these are first-draft versions, so things may change in each of the two!

Also, had a momentary heart attack when I thought I’d somehow lost over 50 pages of the second story. That was a bad experience.

Sisters of Radiance

Through the Fire

4 thoughts on “Writing Teasers

  1. I really enjoyed both chapters, and I look foreword to when they become fully realized books!


  2. I’ll admit I’m debating which of the two I want to actually write first. Sisters of Radiance is closer to done, but it’s also too similar to the Ancient Dreams trilogy in that slavery is heavily involved, so…yeah. Tempted to do Through the Fire first.


  3. Both seem like stories I’d quite like to read. Though the disconnect between prologue and chapter 1 in both seems a lot larger than that of Ancient Ruins. Maybe that would clear up some with more to go on, but as it stands it’s almost like reading the first chapter of four different stories.


  4. Through the Fire has gone through…five re-writes over the years? I originally started it in 2011, and it sucked. Badly. I restarted, and this is reboot #3. I also need to add that that version was last written on in 2015, and that I didn’t even read it, aside from making sure it was the story I thought it was before uploading it (serious first-draft issues). As to what’s going on in it…Ruethwyn is the main character. The girl in the prologue is who she had a crush on, and was kidnapped by a dragon.

    Sisters of Radiance is weird as well, but it’s more for background for the two main characters, not the story itself, so you’re right, that one is definitely two separate stories, before they’re woven into one.


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