March 5th Update

Spells of Old currently sits at just over 87,000 words, before I begin writing today. I hope to hit 91,000 today, but we’ll see how much the muse cooperates after my day of rest.

Also, I updated the file for Ancient Ruins with a fully edited version, but it appears that the changes weren’t enough to cause Amazon to push new versions out to everyone who has purchased copies before this. That annoys me, but there’s nothing I can do about it. If anyone wants to see it, everything I’ve seen says that you have to contact Customer Support and ask them to push the new copy to your account.

Finally, this is more of a question for others. I have two half-written stories that I’m confident I’ll be publishing in the next couple of years. Sisters of Radiance and Through the Fire. Each of these are designed to be the first books of trilogies in their own right, and are set in different parts of the same world, a setting which I’ve been slowly building for years, and which the world of Ancient Dreams is based on. Would people be interested in reading the un-edited first drafts of the prologue/opening chapter of each?

11 thoughts on “March 5th Update

  1. Well, if you only got the Kindle Unlimited book, I’d assume that if you “re-rented” it you’d get the new version. Maybe. Never really got how that update thing worked; I’ve known other authors change some spelling errors and sometimes it pushed an update and sometimes it didn’t. Weird policy, sometimes.


  2. As far as I can tell (discussions on a writer’s site), unless I change 5% of the book it doesn’t give the option to update to people who’ve bought the book, and even then it only does it if you ‘opt in’ to updates. It’s aggravating, but what can I do?

    My main plan is to make sure that all of my next books are properly edited first. Grr.


  3. I got in touch with Customer Support and they had no problem pushing the update to me. Since doing so made me start reading the book yet again, a question occurred to me: are we ever going to find out why Gauros trapped Avendrial the way he did? Or is it gonna be left as the unexplained event that set everything in motion?


  4. That…is a solid maybe. Not because I want to keep it hidden, mind, but because I want it to be revealed naturally. I hate infodumps with no context. See, the issue is that Avendrial didn’t know why she was trapped like that. But I hope to have it come up in Spells of Old, but it isn’t looking like that’ll happen. Other best chance is in Halls of Power.

    However! If it doesn’t come up in-story, I will tell people why. I know the exact reason, and it’s not too complicated.


  5. You could always write a prequel short story. I’m not the biggest fan of those, but many authors do that sort of thing, and sometimes it’s quite well done. Andrea Cort for example has 3 major novels, which are about the big stuff(tm), but also a bunch of novellas, that fill in all the details on how she got to be the person she is and what she did between the novels. It nicely expands the character and universe.


  6. As much as I want to say that I could do a prequel short-story, I don’t think it’d work in a way that makes sense. I’m fairly confident that I can fit it into Halls of Power, but a lot depends on how confrontations go. Until I write a story, the exact sequence of events is always evolving.


  7. I’m not, like, super desperate to know, it was more just idle curiosity because it is something of a loose end. If it doesn’t manage to organically crop up at some point by the end of Halls of Power, I’m sure nobody would be all that devastated if you just laid it out in a blog post here.


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