RPG Misadventures

Once again, I’m telling the story of me, as a Game Master, shaking my head at the group of players. In this particular case, I must add a certain belief among gamers that if you’re in a romantic relationship with the Game Master, you’re likely to get a lot more treasure customized for you, and […]

RPG Misadventures: The Fey-Ri & the Fallen Angels

Alas, I got distracted the last few days and forgot to put together this post. Not that it seems people particularly care about them, I like rambling a bit. Back to the tale of Myrleena, the part-demon mage-rogue, and her band of plucky adventurers! After being resurrected in the events of The Fey-Ri and the […]

RPG Misadventures: The Elf and the Spy

I almost forgot to put this up today, due to a near-sleepless night due to the holiday yesterday. In any case, this story once again follows Myrleena the half-demon elf, in the┬áRed Hand of Doom RPG campaign I was in. Prior to the events of The Fey-Ri & the Dragon, Myrleena had already been somewhat […]

RPG Misadventures: Vampires & the Lich

This was a suggestion from Brian P. in the comments the other week. I play and run Tabletop Roleplaying games, particularly Pathfinder but also including Dungeons & Dragons when I was younger. These are some random stories of the insanity that ensues when players get involved in a game, and how they can screw with […]