Updates and Randomness

So, two of the three main readers of┬áSpells of Old have finished it. The third is, in his words, ‘down with the plague’, so I’m not going to be waiting for him to finish before starting editing. Most of the complaints were about abrupt endings to chapters. I’ve fixed several of them, and added about […]

Frustration and Motivation

So, today Total War: Warhammer released their Bretonnia expansion. Of all the factions released to date, the lore of Bretonnia is the most palatable to me, though the wood elves are close. This leads me to my frustration. I am weak-willed in many ways. If I┬ástart playing the campaign, I won’t want to stop until […]

Computer Games

I was asked if I was going to play the new Mass Effect, and what games I like. So, I’m going to answer here and separate this out into three sections. The genres of games I like, games which influenced me a lot, and games which I currently have and play. Genres First-Person/Third Person Shooters: […]