Frustration and Motivation

So, today Total War: Warhammer released their Bretonnia expansion. Of all the factions released to date, the lore of Bretonnia is the most palatable to me, though the wood elves are close. This leads me to my frustration.

I am weak-willed in many ways. If I start playing the campaign, I won’t want to stop until I finish. Even if that means starting over and over and over again. All other projects, especially writing, will suffer. But I really, really want to play it as well. Thus I’ve come to a mental compromise with myself.

Once I finish the first draft of Spells of Old, only then can I play the game I want to bash my head into. It’s motivation to actually get it done!

3 thoughts on “Frustration and Motivation

  1. So…. Is the book coming out this month? With that kind of motivation, it should be words complete by now :)


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