365 Magic Items

So, a while back I mentioned that I had a RPG book in the works. I find it amusing, and ironic, that it came out exactly a week before The Avatar’s Flames, but go figure! Before I say anything else, there’s something I need to stress. This book is for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, and is not something […]

The World of Senkar

So, last week I went over a bit of how Ancient Dreams was inspired by Senkar, but despite my rambling I didn’t really give a lot of information about the setting. This week I’ll try to fix that. When I was creating Senkar, I wanted a world where I could run almost any type of game […]

Senkar and Ancient Dreams

As I’m still waiting on feedback from the Beta team, I thought I’d discuss something else, the world which Through the Fire and the majority of Sisters of Radiance is set it. I named this world Senkar, though that name is a relatively recent invention. Originally I called the world by the name of the primary continent I […]

Art & Games

So, like I’ve mentioned a number of times, I’ve been planning to put out an omnibus of the Ancient Dreams trilogy this year. So everyone is aware, it will not just be me copying pasting the three books into a single whole. To do so would be somewhat disrespectful to all of you, and to the […]

RPG Misadventures

Once again, I’m telling the story of me, as a Game Master, shaking my head at the group of players. In this particular case, I must add a certain belief among gamers that if you’re in a romantic relationship with the Game Master, you’re likely to get a lot more treasure customized for you, and […]

RPG Misadventures: The Fey-Ri & the Fallen Angels

Alas, I got distracted the last few days and forgot to put together this post. Not that it seems people particularly care about them, I like rambling a bit. Back to the tale of Myrleena, the part-demon mage-rogue, and her band of plucky adventurers! After being resurrected in the events of The Fey-Ri and the […]