RPG Misadventures: The Fey-Ri & the Dragon

Unlike my last RPG Misadventures, this one wasn’t a group I was GMing for, instead one I was playing in. This was entirely my own fault, as a player. As an aside, this is from the 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons module named Red Hand of Doom, so if you’re thinking you’ll ever play it… Spoilers Ahead! It also, alas, will not be the last post about this particular game. There were several debacles throughout the story. Now, then…

My character was an odd one. Her name was Myrleena Fa’Salvaran Es’Verenial, 6th in line to the House of Wands. Yes, it was one hell of a mouthful, and there actually was a reason for each of the weird surnames (I forget what they were, but she was effectively the heir to two dead elven houses, and the Fa and Es respectively were to indicate whether it was inherited from the male or female line… I really don’t remember the details). Myrleena was an odd duck from a mage family, a non-magic-user with a talent for traps, and considering her mother was an elf, when she was born there were… questions, as Myrleena was Fey-Ri, which are a race of cross-breeds between succubi and elves. Regardless, she grew up a good person. (I will state this isn’t the first version of Myrleena, as there are 3 separate versions of her in gaming, but I digress.) On to the story!

She started as a rogue, adept at talking to people, sneaking about, and stabbing people in the back. Not unlike Sina, come to think of it. Her group was a half-dragon archer, a human paladin, a half-feral druid with their panther pet, and a lady warmage who enjoyed blowing things up. Long story short, after the first adventure, where the party found out there was an incoming army of goblins, giants, and dragon minions, everyone but the warmage left the group in the middle of the evacuation. Hijinks ensued as Myrleena attempted to recruit new party members, and blissfully included the enemy spy in those she recruited. Due to the warmage not being able to cast most utility spells, she began picking up magic, which was… well, have you ever heard the term ‘spreading yourself thin’? That was her.

I’ll skip the encounter in the swamp, and instead go to the point where she’d lost trust in the entire group, and decided to infiltrate the enemy army and assassinate their leaders. Let me lead with the information that this was a VERY BAD IDEA. There were close to 500 enemy soldiers as I recall, including several that could have killed her on their own. Still, she decided to try. Through judicious use of invisibility spells, a scroll that let her turn into a snake, and sneaking, Myrleena managed to slip into the tent of the leader of the army and put a dagger through his throat and both of his bed partners. Having beheaded the leader, she went after his second in command, and killed him too. The third-in-command wasn’t in his tent, and before he came to bed the alarm was raised, at which point a very pissed off red dragon went all Smaug on Lake Town on the city she was supposed to defend. She used her emergency teleport item to get back to the city, and was… a tad overconfident.

Buoyed by the success of her previous exploits, Myrleena quickly purchased a scroll to summon a handful a giant eagles, cast a flight spell, and decided to take on the dragon in air-to-air combat. During a much, much earlier encounter in the campaign, she’d taken a shot at the dragon and hit. Unfortunately, she’d mis-remembered how lucky she’d been, and the resulting airborne encounter went badly. The eagles were torn apart, and with a single contemptuous blast of fire, Myrleena died horribly, plummeting to the earth as a charred corpse. The rest of the group showed up just in time to see her perish, and one of them used a staff of healing to return her to life.

When she lived once more, one of the others asked Myrleena: “Why didn’t you get us! We could have killed the dragon together!”

She sheepishly replied. “I… forgot how hard it was to hit him. I thought I could take him, since I’ve killed two other dragons on my own.”

What happened to that dragon will have to be spoken of another day… or not, as it was much less of a misadventure.

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