November 13th 2022 Update

Most of this week was dedicated to rest and relaxation, so I don’t have a lot to report, but I still have some! On Friday I started working on Dawn of Chaos, the next Evelyn book, so that’s now in the works. With any luck it’ll get moving nicely in the next week or so… though with the holidays coming up, I expect disruptions.

In other news, I got another art piece back, the last of the ones done by Michal Kváč. This is for Eve of Destruction as well, though it may end up taking second fiddle to another piece in the works. We’ll see! Anyway, I hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “November 13th 2022 Update

  1. Nice, the next Eve of Destruction book. I’m going to look forward to it.
    By the way, how many books do you plan for the Eve of Destruction series?


  2. I have no idea! The two series that didn’t have set ‘end points’ when I started them were Eve of Destruction and Talyn’s Saga. Most of the others could be continued, but I had a set plot arc in advance, these ones… I don’t. Though the upcoming book *could* be a decent pausing point for Evelyn. We’ll see!


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